Poland vs Puerto Rico | Highlights | Women’s Volleyball Olympic Qualifying Tournament 2019

Wroclaw, Poland, August 2, 2019 – Polish fans saw another three-setter in Wroclaw’s Hala Orbita, as their favourite ‘White-and-Reds’ defeated Puerto Rico 3-0 (25-18, 30-28, 25-15) in the second match of the first day of the FIVB Tokyo Volleyball Qualification tournament.

Jose Mieles (Puerto Rico head coach): “The second set was crucial for this game, in this kind of competition it’s really important to play on the same level during entire game. We didn’t manage to close the second pert even if we were leading 24-21. Tomorrow we play against the world champions, so we have to improve our game and work on consistency to have a chance to win.”

Natalia Valentin (Puerto Rico captain): “The game was very intense, they dominated in serve during important parts of the sets. We couldn’t get out of the certain rotations, they were strong in offense. We did our best in defence, but it was not enough. We have to improve every aspect of our game before the tomorrow’s game, especially serve and attack in transition. We have to improve our block to defend more.”

Jacek Nawrocki (Poland head coach): “As I said before, these two matches against Puerto Rico and Thailand are very important for us. It is crucial that we keep good level of play in both games, to even have a chance of directly competing for the qualification against Serbia in the third match. They show us whether our direction is good. Today’s match was very nervous in the second set but the girls managed to stay focused in the end of the set. I’m thinking especially about their performance in block and serve. I’m happy that we got three points without losing a set.”

Agnieszka Kakolewska (Poland captain): “The result doesn’t reflect what happened on the court during this game. Puerto Rico fought and in every element they set the bar high for us. However, I think that the end of the second set was decisive, they had a pretty big advantage, but we managed to bounce back, so it makes this win even more valuable. We were very focused today and it was a key to victory.”

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